Our group

SJB Group began trading wet oil in the early 1990’s. In order to support these physical transactions, we started trading derivatives. Due to our speed, flexibility and quality, we have become an important player in niche products in the Amsterdam - Rotterdam - Antwerpen (ARA)region.

Our business

SJB has mastered the lengthy process of purchasing oil in an intermediate state and blending it to user’s specifications. We do so with speed, flexibility and quality of service.

We keep sufficient inventory so we can always respond to clients’ needs. At our storage facilities, we use several small tanks instead of a few large ones. This allows us to separately store various grades of oil, which enables us to supply our clients multiple grades.

Our culture

How do we balance our need as a profit making enterprise with our responsibility to others?
Within our company, SJB creates a supportive atmosphere where employees can grow both personally and professionally. We focus on their qualities and encourage them to take responsibilities in order to challenge their capabilities. This helps them to satisfy their personal ambitions.

Where possible, we try to focus on products that are more kind to the environment like low sulphur fuel oil. SJB supports local and international charities.

Slagveld 15 - 3231 AN Brielle - The Netherlands | P.O. Box 253 - 3230 AG Brielle - The Netherlands

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